Uncle Josh Meat Leech



Lure Review: Uncle Josh Meat Leech

 By Joseph Alfe

Price as Tested: $4.99

Category:  Panfish, Ice-Fishing


Length:          2″




Float & Jig


Primary Species: Blue Gill, Crappie, Perch

Secondary: Bass


Uncle Josh has expended its Meat line up for 2013 to include the 2″ Leech, especially designed for ice fishing applications. Infused with natural Leech extract, this 100% Pork fat product has a natural taste and feel, along with an outstanding swimming movement in the water.  Colors available are Black, Chartreuse, Pink, Purple, Red, and White to fit a variety of applications.












White Half Section of Uncle Josh Leech on a Bentley Tungsten Jig



I had a Black 4 mm Bentley Crystal Ice Tungsten jig on, so I opted for a White leech to provide contrast.  Immediately after the first drop down the hole, my screen lit up as Panfish raced in to investigate.  I believe that this was a by product of the natural flavor and scent of the Pork bait, which creates a tiny oil slick on the water.  Fish were short hitting, so I tore the bait in half at the skinny midpoint and started immediately catching fish.  I experimented with color, changing over to Pink, and I don’t think it really mattered.  It was literally a fish every time the bait went down the hole.  With this bait, I think the strong scent and natural action is just too much for Panfish to resist.  I did notice, however, that the fish tended to want to eat the Pork only and not the jig, and I kept having to shorten the bait to prevent nibblers. I ended up with a tiny 1/4″ chunk, almost like a Pork “Maggot” that was an absolute killer.  Another thing to note was the fact that I brought 14 fish out of the hole with the same bait.  Durability has always been an Uncle Josh strong point, and this bait proved no exception.











Open Water Applications:

I can easily see how the Uncle Josh Leech would be very effective paired with a light jig under a float for open water panfish.  Especially in Spring, when the fish are aggressive and you sometimes have to wade through hoards of smaller fish, the Uncle Josh durability will save considerable time and money by not having to rebait constantly.  For open water, I believe the action will be better with the whole 2″ Leech but time will tell.  I’m also willing to bet that a White Leech on a Perch rig or Jig would be absolutely deadly on Great Lakes Jumbo Perch, and I will definitely have to explore that idea come May.



I think Uncle Josh hit it out of the park on this one.  The Natural scent, texture, and swimming action just perfectly imitates a small Leech or other aquatic annelid worm, which is a highly sought after Panfish forage.  Through the ice or open water, the Uncle Josh Meat Leech will save you time and money with it’s durability, while increasing your Panfish catch rate with its effectiveness.

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